Ilanit Rapke (Nitty) BPT(Hons)

Nitty graduated from University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in 2000. She worked in hospital rehabilitation in Melbourne and the UK for 10 years, specialising in neurological and orthopaedic rehab, pain management and community rehab. During this time, Nitty completed various pilates training programs, including mat pilates, pilates for the elderly, pre and post natal pilates, polestar back rehab pilates and DMA clinical pilates. 


Eventually Nitty began working in private practice and expanding her pilates classes. While still applying hands on physio treatments as needed, Nitty’s experience is that exercises drawn from the pilates method and general rehab through exercise and movement has the best and most long-term effect in rehabilitating an injury or improving pain and movement.   '


As a lover of all exercise and fitness, Nitty is passionate about teaching and facilitating exercise and thoroughly enjoys helping people work towards their movement, fitness, postural and flexibility goals. Nitty's specialty is working with you individually, in a small and friendly space, and supporting you to achieve your personal best. 

Nitty maintains her professional growth by attending physio and pilates courses and conventions regularly, to ensure her skills are constantly evolving and up to date with the current research and trends. She also practices yoga regularly and enjoys keeping fit through running, cycling, swimming and weight training.